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WhatsApp Introduces New Feature: Pin up to Three Messages in Chats

Streamline Your Chats: WhatsApp's Enhanced Pinning Feature Keeps You Organized.

By Jeeva Shanmugam

TikTok Announces Its New Creator Rewards Program

TikTok monetizes eligible accounts for content creators with the all-new 'Creator Rewards Program.'

By Jeeva Shanmugam

X Introduces Audio and Video Calls to All Users, Premium Subscription Not Required

In a ground-breaking announcement that will completely alter the nature of social media communication, X introduces audio and video calls…

By Jeeva Shanmugam

Apple Overtook Samsung in European Smartphone Sales after Nearly Two Years

Apple overtook Samsung in European Smartphone Sales to reclaim the top rank, indicating a notable turnaround amid a general fall…

By Jeeva Shanmugam