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End of Windows 10 Support May Trigger Massive E-Waste Surge: Canalys Report

A recent report by Canalys Research highlights a looming e-waste crisis triggered by Microsoft's decision to discontinue support for Windows…

By Jeeva Shanmugam

Microsoft Enhances Copilot with Latest OpenAI Technologies, New Code Interpreter Feature

Microsoft has significantly upgraded Copilot, integrating the latest OpenAI models and introducing a groundbreaking code interpreter feature. These enhancements mark…

By Jeeva Shanmugam

Microsoft Offers Sneak Peek at New Copilot Tools for Azure

Microsoft, a leader in cloud computing, has announced the release of a suite of innovative AI-powered copilot tools designed to…

By Jeeva Shanmugam

Microsoft to Unveil its First AI Chip at Ignite Conference

According to rеports, Microsoft is prеparing to launch its first artificial intеlligеncе (AI) chip in thе coming month, according to…

By Jeeva Shanmugam