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The Tech Behind Online Games: Arcade, eSports etc.

It’s no secret the gaming industry has been booming these past few years. Since they moved their brick-and-mortar establishments online…

By Rahul Bagdai

Junglee Games – The Unfolding of Skill Based Games in India

It is a known fact that India has always been a topic of interest when it comes to IT or…

By Adnan Ahmed

OFFBEAT: How to Build Wholesale E-Commerce B2B Relationship: The Go-To Guide

How you interact with your b2b customers is different from how you would interact with b2c customers. In addition, the…

By Rahul Bagdai

India Successfully Launched Chandrayaan-2 to Moon’s South Pole

After the July 15th launch was called off 56 minutes before the scheduled launch, Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) accomplished…

By Aadil Raval