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Lenovo May Introduce an AI-Powered Operating System Later This Year

Lenovo, the renowned computer giant, is said to be working on the Lenovo AI-powered operating system, which has sparked interest…

By Jeeva Shanmugam

Samsung Galaxy Fit 3 Manual Leaks, Revealing Design Details Pre-Launch

Fitness aficionados are eagerly awaiting the release of the Samsung Galaxy Fit 3. With a freshly leaked user manual, the…

By Jeeva Shanmugam

Upcoming Google Pixel Battery Details Revealed on UL Demko Certification

The UL Demko certification has revealed the details of the upcoming Pixel device. It makes us conclude that Google could…

By Aadil Raval

Samsung Receives FDA Approval for Sleep Apnea Feature on the Samsung Galaxy Watch

Samsung has received FDA approval for its pioneering sleep apnea detection technology incorporated in the Galaxy Watch, which is a…

By Jeeva Shanmugam