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Resume Templates: Must-Use and Nifty For Writing a Resume

In the world of job applications and interviews, making the best first impression is very important. You want your employer…

By Rahul Bagdai

The Tech Behind Online Games: Arcade, eSports etc.

It’s no secret the gaming industry has been booming these past few years. Since they moved their brick-and-mortar establishments online…

By Rahul Bagdai

OFFBEAT: How to Build Wholesale E-Commerce B2B Relationship: The Go-To Guide

How you interact with your b2b customers is different from how you would interact with b2c customers. In addition, the…

By Rahul Bagdai

Downloading Web Design Templates Online? Here’s How to Avoid Malware

There is a common misconception among Internet users about what it means for a website to be hacked. Thus, many believe…

By TrueTech Team