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4 helpful tips to improve your video quality on video chats and conference calls [2022]

In today's virtual and distant world, video conferencing is becoming an increasingly important aspect of our daily lives. Professionals and…

By Rahul Bagdai

In Focus: How Filmmakers Choose Camera Lenses; The Complete Guide

During corporate video production several filming types of equipment are used to ensure that you get a high-quality video that…

By Rahul Bagdai

Downloading Web Design Templates Online? Here’s How to Avoid Malware

There is a common misconception among Internet users about what it means for a website to be hacked. Thus, many believe…

By TrueTech Team

4 Useful Tips to Edit More Impressive Videos

Editing videos so that they are more impressive isn’t easy. Each video that you edit will be unique and require…

By Rahul Bagdai