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Researchers using AI and Twitter To Detect Signs of Depression Before Clinical Diagnosis

An estimated 3.8% of the world's population is affected by depression, a number that continues to rise. As a result,…

By Aadil Raval

NASA’s Webb Telescope captures its first direct image of a planet located outside of our solar system

After giving us a peek into one of the majestic giant spiral galaxies, NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope has now…

By Aadil Raval

Lunar reseachers found 200 Goldilocks zones with temperatures similar to San Francisco

Where on the moon would you want to live in the future? Well, definitely not in the coolest or the…

By Aadil Raval

NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope mission will last longer than expected

NASA successfully launched the James Webb Space Telescope on-board Arianespace Ariane 5 on December 25th from the Guiana Space Centre…

By Aadil Raval