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Sony PS5 might have a liquid cooling system reveals a new patent

Things are going rather slow for the next generation of gaming consoles to arrive because so far we know that…

By Abhishek Jariwala

Sony WH1000XM4 Launched: Sony improves its already-great noise cancelling headphones

Sony has been in the news from a long time now and this is not because they have made a…

By Abhishek Jariwala

Sony is Reportedly Boosting Output of PlayStation 5 to Meet Demand

We have seen that the design, as well as games of the Sony PlayStation 5, have been revealed which means…

By Abhishek Jariwala

PlayStation 5 Teaser Pages Goes Live on Flipkart and Amazon IN

Sony announced the PlayStation 5 a couple of weeks ago and there are tons of interesting talks and rumors that…

By Shekhar Vaidya